Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Staging Tips

Happy Holidays and happy winter home selling. As winter gets off and running there are some things to keep in mind when your home is on the market.
  • As it gets rainy and wet, make sure that your door mats are clean and dry, and at each door, so that when people show your house, they don't track muddy footprints throughout.
  • Make sure that your heater runs at least enough to keep the chill away, since a frigid house can be a turnoff to buyers.
  • Change your heater filter regularly during the winter- it helps your heater and it helps reduce the musty smell of winter -plus filters are a cheap way to keep an expensive appliance working well.
  • With sunset being so early, many buyers will be seeing your home at dusk or in the dark- make sure that it all looks as good in the night as it would during the day.
  • Remove tripping hazards and illuminate dark spots in your driveway and rooms.
  • Make sure that your entry light has a good bulb and gives good illumination.
  • Set a few lights on timers that come on at dusk.
  • Check your rain gutters and drains- few things show worse than if your house looks like it could flood from a small drizzle, just because you forgot to clean away the debris blocking the flow of water.

Good luck and happy winter home selling! For more information or to contact us directly please check out our website: