Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FREE STAGING TIPS....  So often I only get called out to work on the hardest houses with the most awkward floor-plans - or after a house has languished on the market for 6+ months without offers.  I love a good challenge, but it made me realize that the tips that I apply to a difficult house, also apply to all kinds of Do-It-Yourself types of rooms too.

  1. Make sure that you give each room a true purpose!
  2. If the room feels small, use smaller or less furniture.
  3. If the room feels too large, add a few pieces from another room to fill some of the space, but not all of it.
  4. Also if the room feels awkwardly large, pull the furniture off the wall and "cozy it up" by bringing the furniture closer together.
  5. Watch-out for themes or collections, pack those away now, they are not selling friendly - I get called in all the time to talk to sellers about their beloved collection of ....
  6. Choose mostly neutral colors for furniture, pillows, wall hangings etc., but add one stronger color to add a pop for the pictures - I like red, blue or green.
Here are some before and after examples of a tough to decorate house I just finished that went into escrow in 4 days.  This is an open Studio type guest cottage with no real focal point or kitchen.