Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The value in a good Realtor

I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of putting your real estate transaction in the hands of a savvy Realtor! This picture was sent to me by one such Realtor/Broker, Hayley Townley of Comet Realty in San Luis Obispo. The seller was asked to make sure that the water heater was strapped before the close of escrow. The seller assured all parties that this had been completed. On Hayley Townley's Final inspections -she was shocked to find, what the seller called a 'strapped water heater' - please look for yourself!
Yes that is a car seat belt, nailed to the wall and tied in the middle! This is NOT within the conforming state guidelines on proper hot water heater strapping! So please use a smart realtor, who can catch these issues like Hayley did, when you are buying or selling real estate!!

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Anonymous said...

It realy should have had a shoulder harness.